4. août, 2014


I am very surprised and wondering how we are still looking in One Direction , still trying to Find Solutions for the EFFECT we get in stead of TREATING and Finding SOLUTIONS to the ROOT of the CAUSES ? It's not only Holistic but even a very LOGICAL Way ..
For the ones are interesting to read .. Developing a new way of Thinking in a Different more Human Global dimension .. Here my Point of View on a CANCER MEDICINE published in LinkedIn !

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From a Holistic Perspective ( the only one I would like to share ) I may say that the simply fact we are so much concerned about how to treat and how much money people and medical resources need , so much talking about a negative energy ( as Cancer is !) and so much concentrate in Treating any Illness , it's not the way will help for being on the path of HEALING ! It's Sad to say but We all know that Canada and in Quebec we have the highest percent of People using and believing more in drugs and Traditional Medicine System with a Very poor knowledge in Alternative Medicines and all Holistic Approaches for Healing ! As for any concerning I think we should all think how to discover , fight the CAUSES , Go to the ROOT of any Problem and first find out and fight the Causes and not starting with the Effect ! Since the Causes which Creating so many new illnesses , are not being a General Concerning , since the population in Canada believing only in Traditional Medicine and Drugs being the Healing solution , as the only alternative , since the Consciousness not arise to another human Higher dimension ..since HEALING it's Not Becoming the FIRST RESPONSIBILITY of any patient ... Since the Knowledge it's limited and depending only in the Medical System ... Since we have not reach a Global Consciousness ... Since doctors have no training ( as in Europe ) in Alternative Medicine solutions and only recommending drugs and becoming as Drugs Sellers .. Since Pharmacists too they forgot their Mission and Work .. Since we push the whole population to TREAT the EFFECT in stead of Working in PREVENTION and using first all the Alternatives Solutions .. Well since all Approaches not changing and not educating the population .. Well situation will not gona change and will become very sure Worst in the future .. In fact Future it's a Here and Now .. Group of The. World biggest Scientists , after 20 years of searching sent a Big Warning to the Whole. World and it's all about what I am sharing now ! Thank you Rose-Marie Boylan ! Highly appreciated your input !
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Talking about ACCES to CANCER MEDICINE ( as see it a topic ) it will never be the SOLUTION ... Neither in an Economical or Health preserving View .. Why not figure out the " savings " in life and money we may only have by orienting , teaching the population in the Way of Prevention , developing a concerning and knowledge about the implication of the use of chemicals in our environment ... In fact being the main cause of so many illnesses ...? Why not make each one part of Responsibility in their Own Healing ..? Why not Doctors not serving and working in the Human Being interest in stead of working for Pharmaceutical Companies ? So ... We should be more concentrate in CAUSES ... Of course it's always and from any point of view a Logic response CAUSE lead to an EFFECT so ... ? Human being it's not unidimensional ... It's more than that and if we ignore the WHOLE Which it's BODY & MIND & SPIRIT .. Well we are very Far from the TRUTH and very Far from Solutions in any Life Department ! Preserving life on our planet , in Fact how to Save the LIFE on earth .. That's the Main Concerning of The Conscious Scientists Groups from all over the world ...
Wish ALL of YOU keep informed about the latest researches about CAUSES created by Human Being itself are the Main Issue today and main Cause of many various Illnesses of young generation and future one .. If we don't develop a New Consciousness and taking the responsibility in the way of a GLOBAL VIEW ! — at Cannes Sur La Croisette.