8. janv., 2013

Affirmation of TODAY !


Today is the day to focus on the process of affirmation, so that it becomes more automatic every day from here. An affirmation is not some made up thing, rather it is an acknowledgment of the genuine good that exists in and around you. You do not have to pretend to find something positive to affirm, your just have to see it…. And it is always there! Then, once you become comfortable hearing the voice of affirmation regarding your own gifts, talents, sensibilities, etc., it is time to share your affirmation skills with others. This may feel awkward at first, so you can say something like, “I’m participating in an online experiment, and I am supposed to offer affirmations to other people today…. Is it okay if I tell you some of the positive things I notice about you?” It’s hard to imagine that someone would say no, isn’t it? At this point, breathe into the energy of the moment: If it’s light and breezy, keep it that way and say something like, “I just want to tell you that you are….” If the conversation is already running at a deeper level, you can easily go there as well by looking directly into the eyes of the person you’re talking to and say, “You are such…..” And then just let your heart speak from there. If you get into the habit of noticing and affirming the good around you, your life will keep expanding in the direction of goodness.