9. mai, 2016

Healing with the TREES

A Rhythm of Oneness
HEALING with The NATURE 🍀🍃💚🌿🌷🌸🌿🍃

Plants, animals, even the spheres of the different planets have their own vibration. We all exist in harmony, and each one of us is vibration. Yes, our vibrations may be different, but if you join with somebody, and you look into their eyes and you hold their hands, do you know what happens?

Your hearts synchronize, and you suddenly you beat in a different rhythm, a rhythm of oneness.

Doctors are embracing the benefits of trees, too. Rather than prescribing antidepressants, GPs in Telford, Doncaster and Camden, north London, are referring patients suffering from STRESS , DÉPRESSION or ANXIETY to reach Out in the Nature where they can get involved in different projects !


To tap into the healing energy of the trees, the easiest way is to get outside in the presence of trees, and ask the trees to help you. When you ask for healing, guidance, or grounding, pay attention to your intuition to determine the tree which is calling out to you.
Sit under the tree that calls out to you. Place your back against it if you can… You can also stand in front and place your palms on the trunk. Close your eyes and breathe.
Be patient and listen, as the guidance from trees sometimes comes slowly, but when it does it is incredibly helpful and profound. You may hear guidance from the tree, or receive mental images, which is a common way for trees to communicate.

Open your heart to receive healing from the TREE and be willing to let go of what no longer serves you.
TREE HEALINGS are powerful, gentle, and incredibly loving. Just as trees transmute carbon dioxide into clean fresh air, trees can gently release pain and density from you, and release it into the light..

As well as the PHYSIOLOGICAL BENEFITS of trees, attention is turning to the relatively new field of ECO PSYCHOLOGY This is based on the notion that our disconnection with nature is a central factor in many of our emotional woes.‘My Walks And Talks in the woods help clear the mind simply by breathing in the fresh oxygen being emitted from the leaves,’ The sounds, smells, sights, textures and even taste of the air enliven all five senses.

The VIBRATION of TREES resonates with a FEELING of SECURITY , STABILITY and SAFETY . Because trees are so firmly anchored to the Earth, they’re wonderful teachers of grounding. Just walking under them, or placing your hands upon them will work wonders to help you ground and center your energy.

For this reason, spending time with trees, (whether you choose to hug them or not) will help you to receive healing, balancing, and grounding just by being in their presence. When you are in the presence of a tree your energy can actually merge with that of the tree for a moment, which will have an incredibly positive effect on your energy !